A walk home

A couple of years ago, one of my favorite gents at Stratford escorts died suddenly. He never seemed to have been really happy nor content after his divorce, and I actually think that he died as a result of unhappiness. When he was not dating me, he really did not have a lot of stuff going on in his life. I read somewhere that loneliness and not being happy are both two serious killers in our modern day society, and I can well believe that. It is exhausting to not feel happy and I think that you are much more likely to become ill.


My gent’s passing had a profound effect on me and I started to think about my own life. What makes me happy and how can I improve my life? Thinking about, I soon realized that it is the simple things in my life that keeps me. For instance, when I walk home from Stratford escorts of https://londonxcity.com/escorts/stratford-escorts/ every day, I make sure that I walk underneath the trees. The scent of the trees and the fall of leaves make me feel happy. It is almost a liberating feeling and I love it.


Shopping is another thing that really makes me happy. I am not about spending all of my hard earned cash at Stratford escort so I love going into different charity shops. One of my favorite things to buy in charity shops are books. You may not believe this, but I am an avid reader and love to sit down to read books. Watching TV is okay but you cannot replace the feeling you get from reading a good book. Sometimes I even have a whole day where I only read my books.


Another thing that I really love is gardening. I don’t have a garden as such but I have turned my little balcony in a garden. Once I come home from Stratford escorts, I love to spend time on my balcony doing some gardening. I also have window boxes everywhere and pottering around with them makes me feel good about myself. It is very satisfying to get your hands into the dirt and pot up plants. Talking to the other girls at the agency, I notice that many of the seem to enjoy gardening.


Recently I have started to take an art class. I have discovered that I feel really good when I work with art and color, so I am taking a class to get better at it. The class takes my mind of other things in life, and when I come home from Stratford escorts, doing some drawing helps me to relax. I know that all of these things are just simple things in life, but I do really get a kick out of them. At the escort agency, I get a lot of social contact and when I come home, I feel that I like to have some personal down time. Doing the things that make me happy makes me feel good about my life.

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