Female G spot

Are you confused when it comes to the G-spot? A lot has been written about the socalled G-spot over the years. Not all of us are sure that it exists. Then, you get those who say that we may indeed have several different G-spots. The research team behind LZ Love took the opportunity to speak to London escorts to see if the girls who work for an elite cheap London escorts in west London could shed some light on the mystery of the G-spot.

Anna is one of the most experienced London escorts at the escort agency that we enlisted to help us out. She says that she does not think that all women have a g-spot. But then again, as Anna said, it could be that some females have the G-spot located so close to the clitoris that the two get confused from time to time. Anna says that during her time at London escorts, she has met many men who are confused about the G-spot and the clitoris. Is the same thing? No matter who you speak to at London escorts, the girls believe the two are different.

Sue is another girl with extensive experience of working for London escorts. She says that she believes her G-spot is located close to her left nipple. When a guy plays with her left nipple, she says that she feels like she could almost explode with pleasure. Yes, it is easy to assume that the G-spot is located on the vulva or close to the vulva. But that does not mean all London escorts or other girls for that matter, have their G-spot located where men assume it should be located.

How do you find the G-spot? It is not easy to find a woman’s G-Spot. We spoke to Sylvi who is another girl who has worked for London escorts for some time now. She says that some women are not even sure where to find their own G-spots. In that case, it does make you wonder if men really do stand a change to find a woman’s G-spot. But, like Sylvi and so many other London escorts say, perhaps they are trying a little bit too hard. It could be better to take a different approach.

Should you make love and not worry about the G-spot? Most London escorts say that the best thing you can do, is to make love and don’t worry about the G-spot. If you don’t find it, or know where it is, there are many other ways in which you can pleasure your partner in bed. You can stimulate her nipples or her clitoris. Many women find having their neck or hair played with intensively erotic as well. When it all comes down to it, the best thing you can do is to explore each other. Find out what turns you on and have fun playing with the hot spots that you can find. You never know, it may give your partner even more pleasure.

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