I cannot watch my friend slowly die anymore

He has had cirrhosis and its getting worst day by day. I feel him dying every single time I see him, and I am sick of it. I do not want to see him like this. I know it is a very selfish thing too like me because he is the one who is dying not me. And it is a fair argument, but I am afraid that if I go to the hospital again, I would see him die. He is the only person that I can genuinely say my best friend. I always told him to be brave because it’s not fun when you are like this. I try to tease him whenever I can to make him right, but it’s no use. The doctor said that his disease is already very severe. All we can do is to make him comfortable until he would leave this world. Even the doctors have already given up on him. Says https://www.cityofeve.org/.

When I talk to him, he always tells me that he is ready to die. He said that I should not worry anymore because he already accepted his faith which I do not want to listen every time he does this. Even though he tells this unfortunate thing, I know in my heart that it is the truth. He died after two months of being confined in the hospital. When he died, I was very depressed and sad. I always tell myself that what if it was me.

What if I am the one who is dying like my best friend. I do not think that I would act bravely if I come face to face with death. I do not want to die yet; I am scared for my life. My friend was a good guy, and I was the bad one. Why was he the one who died first and not me? But I think that he would not want to see me get sad always after his lost. He would want me to be happy and continue to chase my dreams. I have to be brave and face the problems ahead with courage and bravery just as he did. One day I can be like him a right person and an excellent father to his children. For now, I do not plan to get married as my friend did but I do want to it to happen to me in the future. For now, what is a better option for me is to book London escorts. Booking London escorts is much better than getting me tangled up with the wrong woman. Booking London escorts the better option for me.

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